What is Speed climbing?

As you might have guessed from the name, Speed Climbing, it is a matter of pace. How fast one climbs and reaches the top is only the thing. There are two same climbing routes side by side, two climber start on ‘Go!’ following the series of moves and the one who reaches the top first wins.

dsc_0091-2-e1473237403809The specifications for Speed climbing are formulated by IFSC (International Federation of Sports Climbing). The wall is of 10.5 and 15 meters, but the major competitions are held on 15 meters wall. The holds used for Speed are uniquely star-shaped. The number of star holds and secondary holds, their layout everything is standardised. Anybody can build a wall matching the given specifications to practice Speed Climbing. The world record of least timings is 5.6 for men and 7.2 for women.

More about Speed Climbing in upcoming posts, till then pace up!

Let's all climb together!

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