What is Bouldering?

There are 3 major types of climbing, bouldering, speed and lead climbing. In Sports climbing 3 different competition events are held dedicated to these forms. Let’s first find out what is bouldering? How is it different from the others?


Bouldering with crash pads for safety

Bouldering is a form of climbing that is performed without any rope or safety harnesses. It is done on big rocks, boulders or artificial walls of small height (up to 3-4 meters). A crash pad is laid on the ground so that the climber lands softly if he/she falls. The routes of bouldering are mostly tricky and strength based involving advanced climbing techniques. A route of bouldering is called as a boulder problem and the climber has to solve the problem by reaching to the top hold.

How to get started…

For bouldering in climbing gyms, you can find crash pads laid, therefore just go there with a chalk bag and climbing shoes to start bouldering. If you know any good rock boulders around you, go with enough crash pads, and of course with chalk and climbing shoes.

So what are you waiting for? Go find your boulder and start bouldering!

Read about the bouldering sites I explored in India...




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