Yes, there is Bouldering in Thailand

After marriage, I got this lucky opportunity to climb in Thailand. Well, Thailand is a climbers hub. It is treasured with awesome rocks magically decorated with these amazing lines. All year round you can find climbers there, in Tonsai, Krabi especially.

Tonsai, lying next to the beach has an array of limestone mountains with cracks and holds. It is a major attraction for Lead climbers. Although being a climber, I love bouldering more. Therefore, I made sure to find something for bouldering while trying out some lead routes. And to my pleasure, I found the perfect bouldering place!

Temple Boulder Cave it is! Try to find on Google, you won’t find anything. This is truly a hidden and the most underestimated climbing place I feel. As its name suggests it is a cave filled with amazing lines.

Where is it located? It is in the Tonsai bay area on the road that enters into the Tonsai once you get down from the boat. Walk on that way from the beachside around 100 meters ahead of the Legacy resort, as you can see in the following map (sorry for the rough drawing). Keep looking for a mudded pathway between bushes. You can find the mudded path heading to something like a cave having stalagmites hanging. I have plotted its latitudes on google map.


whatsapp image 2019-01-09 at 7.19.50 pm
Climbing in Thailand guide book

Additionally, you can also find its small section in the Climbing Guide book. All the routes in the cave are opened by Stefan Billmeier. In the book, you will find all the routes from 6b to 8c. Sadly, the routes here are from 7a (only one 6a/6b route) therefore, be prepared!

Where to live in Tonsai? Do not worry much, even the locals of Tonsai want climbers like us to come over. Therefore, all the hotels are cheap as per our raw lifestyle. The ones I know are,

Paasook resort: The cheapest place I know

Chill Out Bar and Bungalows: This is quite popular and a favourite place where all the wanderers hang out. For long days it offers a reasonable price which keeps changing as per the season.

Note: It is better if you go there and book on the spot. Sometimes booking websites show more prices and in person, the hotel manager can give at a low price.

Where to eat in Tonsai? All the places in Tonsai somewhat offer the food at the same prices. But the most popular one is Mama’s Chicken. It is located quite remotely compared to others, but the walk is worth it! You can ask for the place to anyone, they can guide you. 

Best time to climb? Anytime! The cave is sheltered, so away from sun, rain and wind. If you are exclusively going for bouldering, you can visit it anytime.

Some points to remember before you head for bouldering in the cave:

  1. Beware of mosquitos, carry mosquito repellents
  2. Beware of Comodo Dragon lizard. It gave a surprise visit when we were busy climbing there
  3. Carry enough crash pads

There is a worn out mattress in the cave that is there from years. Surprisingly, it saves your ass when you fall!

whatsapp image 2019-01-09 at 7.22.13 pm
The legendary mattress
Trying 7c route
Working on an 8a line
Posing for fun

I won’t add about lead climbing in Tonsai. There are tons of information about it everywhere. Yet, if you need anything do tell me.

So, next time you are in Thailand for climbing, make sure to visit this secret cave.

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Let’s all climb together!

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